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Ready to Roll

Ready to Roll

As casinos reopen across the U.S., the question remains: Are the players ready to come back?

That won’t be answered, of course, until all casinos reopen and we can see actual numbers, but a recent study conducted by three firms, ROKK Solutions, Engagious and Sports & Leisure Research Group, gives us some hints. The study, “What it will take to get Americans to re-enter casinos: Public opinion insights from late April 2020 Back-to-Normal Barometer,” asked 518 American adults who participate in sports, leisure, travel and consumer activities about their willingness and reasons to return to those activities.

The survey focused on four questions:

—“When will things be back to normal?”

—“How do we restore confidence so clients return?”

—“What will the new normal look like?”

—“What external assurances will lure customers back?”

For context, the survey asked the respondents which activities they had participated in within the last year: