Rating Guest Value

Product: Guest Valuation Manufacturer: The Rainmaker Group

Guest valuation is a critical aspect of revenue management for any property, especially casinos. With constant pressure from a growing competitive landscape in gaming, it’s as important as ever for revenue managers to identify those guests who have the biggest impact on the casino’s bottom line.

Casino hotels make a multitude of decisions based on their best estimates of player value—reinvestment levels, discretionary comps, hotel room access, slot free play offers and more. The ability to predict a customer’s value accurately flows directly to the bottom line.

Consider the implications of overvaluing an overnight guest. That guest could gain access to scarce room inventory, displacing another guest of higher value. The difference in value between these two customers directly translates into lost revenue.

Rainmaker’s longstanding history of working with gaming properties has led to the development of a new methodology that redefines and improves the accuracy of estimated guest value. Rainmaker’s scientific approach to guest valuation maximizes profits by utilizing a machine learning technique that continually reoptimizes its own algorithm to maximize accuracy.

This methodology also captures key factors like actual win and profitability that are typically overlooked by traditional valuation approaches. The resulting values impact optimal rates for rooms at a granular, segment level, ensuring that a hotel’s most profitable customers have access to valuable room inventory at any given time and receive customized marketing pieces that are relevant.

Accurately value your guests: Rainmaker’s guest valuation analysis ensures guests are not over- or under-valued and captures significant trends and changes in gaming behavior among guests.

Improve valuation beyond traditional methods: Achieve better accuracy and value a greater number of players compared to legacy ADT-based approaches.

Guest value based on player behavior: Capture differences across game types and customer groups to better understand overall spending patterns.

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