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Quotable Quotes

“You’re slamming the door and locking yourself in for 20 years.”
Dan Adkins, president of Mardi Gras Racing in South Florida, objecting to the proposed Seminole compact. The deal would give the tribe the exclusive right to offer certain games over two decades

“I am eagerly awaiting the president’s appointment of my replacement. I sure hope I am long gone by the time these regulations ever become either proposed regulations or final regulations–and we are a long way from that.”
-NIGC Chairman Phil Hogen, responding to requests by NIGA that Hogen be replaced immediately by U.S.
President Barack Obama

“I make people feel good and special. That is what I do.”
-Casino kingpin Steve Wynn, who is bidding on the Aqueduct racino project; critics say Wynn’s flashy style
won’t play in working-class Queens, NYC

“He’s the slot machine governor and that’s how he’ll be remembered. And until he gets slot machines, I don’t think he’s willing to stop at anything to take control of the General Assembly.”
-Kentucky Senate President David Williams, complaining that Governor Steve Beshear’s push for slots at
racetracks is “poisoning the political atmosphere” in the state legislature


“Problem gambling is very much like otheraddictions. The distinction is that there is no substance to ingest. With problem gambling you have the same behaviors, you have the same consequences, you have the same urges, you have the same withdrawal symptoms. The only difference is that I don’t have to ingest a substance to have all those things happen in my brain. I simply have to engage in the habit of gambling.”
Carol O’Hare, executive director of the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling, in the Las Vegas Sun on the similarities between problem gambling and substance abuse


“Obviously, a big project like that right next door will have a short-term negative impact, but in the
long term, it will really help grow the city and help bring in a higher-end customer to the Taj.”
Mark Juliano, CEO of Trump Entertainment Resorts, on the as-yet unfinished Revel Entertainment project
on Atlantic City’s Boardwalk

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    Outrageous pronouncements, simple statements and words of wisdom


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