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Quick and Secure

Product: BPS C4 Banknote ProcessorManufacturer: Giesecke & Devrient

Quick and Secure

Security specialist Giesecke & Devrient has introduced what it calls a “next-generation of banknote processing system,” the BPS C4.

The desktop BPS C4 features touch-screen controls that allow a single operator to perform banknote recognition, evaluation, counting and sorting in one processing step. Developed with casinos in mind, the device can throughput up to 12 notes per second—40,000 notes per hour.

The BPS C4 is capable of handling a broad range of materials, including paper or polymer, heavily soiled or damaged notes, and slot tickets. It scans the full face of both sides of each banknote. The sensor system detects paper thickness and multiple items, the absence of optical brighteners in paper, infrared features, magnetic printing properties, magnetic properties and electrical conductivity of security thread, fluorescence and phosphorescence.

The BPS C4 is modular and scalable, and supports a variety of processing modes. It can have up to 20 output compartments, for 100 or 500 notes each, with maximums freely configurable. The reject compartment can accept up to 200 notes. There is a separate “fail-safe” compartment for simple elimination of jams and accurate post-jam accounting.

The device communicates via LAN/WAN (TCP/IP) and has a USB hub with four ports. It can interface to cash center and vault management systems and to a central computer.

Options and accessories include adaptations to handle up to 100 different currencies and process up to five currencies in sequence on a single device, and sensor extensions for NotaScan ink, for example. Other options include a bar code reader, external printers, and solutions for banknote destruction or invalidating banknote bundles.

The BPS C4 can be integrated with video surveillance systems to link accounting data with video surveillance streams. Video sequences can be retrieved quickly and selectively for individual deposits. An open stacker design allows monitoring of the entire process.

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