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Qorex Gameball


Qorex Gameball

This unique twist on the electronic table game from leading supplier TCSJohnHuxley was initially developed as a custom product for the Sands Group. It is an automated dice-based version of baccarat in a multi-player carousel, with electronic play stations surrounding a center device featuring six “Gameball Spinners”—dome-covered wheels which shake and spin each die into one of five colored ports.

Three of the Spinners are in an area marked “Banker” with the other three in the “Player” area. The automated roll of the dice for each play determines the card-value outcome in hands that progress in a manner identical to traditional baccarat, with players making Player, Banker or Tie bets before each dice roll.

Two Spinners in each section are randomly spun in the first round, with the additional third covered Spinner being revealed and shaken if the first two spinners dice in the respective section equal five or less, as in the traditional game. Players select a bet denomination at the start of each round, triggering a 10-second countdown to start the game. Players then win on the Banker, Player or Tie bets just as in traditional baccarat.

There are separate bets for Pair, winning when the dice in the two initial Gameballs have matching numbers or symbols, a well as Natural 8 and Natural 9, winning when the hand results in exactly eight or nine.

Finally, additional side bets include Fortune 7, winning when the Banker hand has a total of six; Golden Glory, paying off for wins when three or more dice establish the final point totals in the gold segment of the Gameball wheel; and Golden Fortune, winning if all six Gameball dice have values of zero and land in the gold segments of the Gameball wheels.

Qorex Gameball was awarded the Silver Medal for the Best Table Game Product or Innovation in this year’s GGB Gaming & Technology Awards at Global Gaming Expo.

Manufacturer: TCSJohnHuxley
Platform: Qorex; GFL Gaming Module
Format: Multi-player automated baccarat
Denomination: Multi-denomination
Max Bet: Operator-configurable
Top Award: Operator-configurable
Theoretical Hold: Banker Bet—1.06%
Player Bet—1.24%
Tie Bet—14.36%

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