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PureDepth Marketing MLD Displays

PureDepth, Inc., the display company that produced the “Multi-Layer Display,” or MLD, technology used by International Game Technology in a series of slots with 3D video displays, announced the creation of a Japan-based business unit that will expand the reach of the technology to new applications both inside and outside the gaming industry.

IGT used PureDepth’s MLD technology to create the “REELdepth” series of slot machines, which use the technology—it involves placing two LCD displays on top of each other to create a realistic 3D effect—to simulate spinning reels in multi-game units.
    IGT’s new multi-game machines look like reel-spinners, but players can choose between three-reel, four-reel and five-reel games, and the games themselves feature animation on the reels and 3D second-screen bonus events.

PureDepth held a press conference in Tokyo to announce that the MLD technology will be used to create a variety of image displays that are not possible with existing LCD technology. The new Tokyo office will market a variety of displays under a license contract with Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd., and in a separate agreement with Abilit Corporation, which is using the panels for gaming machines in the Japanese pachislo market.

For the future, PureDepth officials say they will introduce the MLD technology into mobile gaming devices and smart phones. “We have already prototyped a smart phone equipped with the MLD,” said Yutaka Nagata, general manager of PureDepth Japan.