Progressive Tables

Product: Infinilink • Manufacturer: Bally Technologies

Progressive Tables

Bally Technologies has launched a progressive jackpot product that allows one progressive to cover several table games, even though the odds of each are different.

Normally, a table game like Ultimate Texas Hold’em will feature one progressive jackpot, while Three Card Poker will have another. With the Infinilink progressive system, the same jackpot can be used on several games. With more games on the same link, operators can offer bigger, faster jackpots.

Roger Snow, Bally’s senior vice president of table and utility products, predicts Infinilink to be a game changer for table game progressives, which are becoming more popular.

Games featuring the Infinilink progressive play the same as they always have—players make their progressive wager to qualify for normal and Infinilink payouts, and a portion of their progressive wager goes to the Infinilink meter. The hands and rounds selected for Infinilink payouts are completely random. If a player makes a progressive wager during one of these randomly selected rounds and hits the randomly selected hand, they win both the regular and Infinilink payouts.

Infinilink works by combining the use of a random number generator with underlying hand odds to provide the same chance of winning an Infinilink payout. This allows operators to link any pay table and any game type, regardless of the math model used, to a common jackpot. Offered exclusively on the Game Manager 2 progressive platform, an Infinilink jackpot can be used in addition to game- and title-specific jackpots to provide a flexible, tailored offering that will resonate with table game players.