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Products that Guide

Product: Retracta-Belts, Manufacturer: Visiontron Corp.

Products that Guide

Visiontron recently released its next generation of Retracta-Belt crowd-control posts. The updated product line has several new features that will surely catch the eye in the sky at the casinos. It has longer belt lengths, more belt colors, added safety features and over 200 different post finishes.

“We wanted to expand our offerings,” states Paul Manouvrier, business development manager at Visiontron. “We understand casinos still want the traditional real brass post for their gaming floors. But with over 200 different power-coated post finishes, customers can customize the stanchions to everything else a casino has. This includes restaurants, nightclubs or even their cashier line.”

Visiontron has also been known to have high quality standards with its products. The brass and stainless steel used for the posts are “architectural grade,” while the base is a rich cast iron. There are many levels of satin and polished finishes.

“We have a 10-year warranty that comes with our Retracta-Belt product line,” says Bryan Torsiello, chief engineer for Visiontron. “We offer such a long warranty because we know our products have the strongest components and will last.” 

There is a built-in sign attachment, which means casinos don’t need any costly adapters. The belt clips and ends are universal, which allows integration with many other manufacturers’ units. The longer belt lengths allow for less posts, which further saves the customer money.

Besides all of the belt colors Visiontron offers, customers can print on the actual belt—add logos, text, pictures and pretty much anything else. Visiontron offers quick turnaround times for this type of customization.

Visiontron has other product offerings such as traditional post and rope, post and panel systems, and signage options. For more information on Visiontron crowd-control products, visit or call 800-585-7750.