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Prism VXP

Incredible Technologies • Booth 4047

Prism VXP

Incredible Technologies’ newest hardware innovation redefines the expectations of casino gaming and is moving gaming into a new era. Prism VXP expands what gaming means, literally. Primary game play takes place on a 27-inch 4K touchscreen display at eye level while the 55-inch 4K VXP display located behind the primary screen provides a stunning backdrop with an unexpected, interactive twist.

In a smooth and unprecedented move on a core cabinet, a motor physically expands the display upward to extend game play by over 13 inches. The monitor surges to life for bonus events and big win celebrations. The newest software includes an eye-catching “wave” attract feature. When a bank of games is empty, the monitors will raise and lower themselves to create a “wave,” capturing the eyes of players passing by.

As the first core cabinet with physical movement integrated with game play, Prism VXP could stand alone on this element. But IT remains all about the game with theme performance to back up its most impressive hardware yet.

Prism VXP drives coin-in with innovative game families, each utilizing the expanded canvas for unique bonus events. With incentivized bet structures and frequent bonus events, players return to Prism VXP again and again for a slot experience unlike any other.

Set to debut at the 2022 Global Gaming Expo, new themes and software innovations allow for Prism VXP’s full “flex” of innovation.

The latest software has been designed for more frequent expansion features and an Elite bank package to showcase the cabinets’ full potential. Proven performers like the Ultra Rush Gold X and Pinwheel Prizes game families will be on display at the show, as well as the next generation of software to flex the full potential of one of the most innovative cabinets of casino gaming.

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