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Printing Power

PRODUCT: GEN2 Universal printer, MANUFACTURER: FutureLogic

Printing Power

With more than 1 million ticket-in/ticket-out printers shipped to date, FutureLogic, Inc. is at the top of its game. The GEN2 Universal printer is the latest in a line of FutureLogic gaming printers that have won 10 industry awards in the past five years.

The GEN2 Universal printer is server-based-ready and supports both SPC (IGT) and GDS protocols, providing a migration path for the next generation of networked games. The device can be configured to communicate with multiple hosts at the same time, such as RS232 or Netplex, and USB 2.0. For example, the printer would be able to communicate with the game and with a USB SMIB system interface at the same time, without the need for additional connectors, adaptors or hardware.

The GEN2 Universal printer also supports promotional couponing with its “PromoNet” couponing solution. A template-based system that helps casinos design and manage a wide range of promotional campaigns from the convenience of a workstation PC, the PromoNet couponing solution turns ordinary slot tickets into colorful, eye-catching coupons.

Having helped pioneer couponing technology in grocery stores more than 20 years ago, FutureLogic may have an advantage in the promotional couponing arena. By directly linking promotional campaigns to specific player actions, activities or behavior, the GEN2 Universal printer becomes a multi-functional marketing tool.

This technology allows casinos to automatically trigger a marketing campaign based on game play metrics, player tracking information, POS systems or redemption terminals. For instance, a player who has just hit a number of predetermined triggers may be issued a bar-coded voucher that can be used for additional play or played at another machine, or a promotional coupon that can be redeemed at any of the bars or restaurants within a resort.

By using a secure system approach, the PromoNet couponing solution ensures that casino servers are in full control of all communication with the printers and cash-out vouchers. It also offers casinos of any size a flexible, cost-effective, real-time method for delivering targeted promotional campaigns.

All GEN2 Universal printers are equipped with a USB communication port and require only a firmware upgrade for GSA compliance. This approach lets casinos leverage existing GEN2 Universal hardware across the casino floor, eliminating the need for costly modifications to printers and/or communication protocols.

For more information about the GEN2 Universal printer, contact FutureLogic at 1-818-244-4700 or visit

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