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Printing Plus

Product: Paycheck NextGen, Manufacturer: Nanoptix, Inc.

Printing Plus

The new Paycheck NextGen from Nanoptix, Inc. revolutionizes how the industry sees TITO printers and their capabilities. Compared to competing printers, Paycheck NextGen offers superior speed, longevity and reliability and pushes past these features by offering future-proof connectivity and capabilities, according to the company.

More than just a printer, the Paycheck NextGen has a PC-based infrastructure powered by a dual core processor. It not only prints TITO tickets but can run additional components, secondary software and/or media content. In addition to being promotional coupon-ready, it is fully integrated with the following connectivity: Ethernet port, HDMI, 5 USB ports (hosts and slaves), serial, micro SD reader and Bluetooth capability.

With game management systems looking to offer new features and technologies, Paycheck NextGen is the ideal choice for operators, as it can be fully networked and can provide promotional coupons through several of its connections. As a Paycheck Series printer, it features easy-serviceability-by-design and new troubleshooting menus via its web-based reporting.

Whether they are troubleshooting through USB, HDMI and/or Bluetooth, technicians agree it is an exceptionally designed, performance-driven, completely future-proof TITO printer which is answering their floor’s biggest issues.

Operators today identify printer issues as ticket jams, misprints called “half tickets” and wasted paper, which in turn creates loss of revenue, increased operational costs and player dissatisfaction. The Paycheck NextGen answers these needs by eliminating the use of unreliable presenters and providing the first completely straight and fully integrated anti-jamming paper path, guaranteeing a jam-free, fully printed ticket.

As the only printer offering a standard 400-ticket tray, double its competition, its available protective cover will protect paper from UV discoloration, debris and dust. To maximize each stack, its integrated “Last Ticket” feature allows the printer to trigger its paper-low sensor on the last one or two tickets, beating competitors’ 10-20 ticket detection, and eliminating wasted paper in return.

Rounding off its innovative features, its anti-spillage conduits offer additional protection for specific environments like bar-top games, as these channels will deviate any liquids away from critical electronic components.

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