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Primm Selects Marketing Results system

Primm Selects Marketing  Results system

Casino marketing consultant Marketing Results, Inc. announced last month that Terrible’s Primm Valley Casino Resorts has selected the company’s Advanced Intelligence Marketing (AIM) system as the total database marketing solution for Buffalo Bill’s Resort & Casino, Primm Valley Resort & Casino and Whiskey Pete’s Hotel & Casino.

AIM is a sophisticated database-marketing tool that provides an in-house solution to player tracking and casino marketing campaigns. The AIM platform empowers database-marketing practitioners to quickly and accurately plan and implement campaigns while tracking progress instantly. Existing data is used to develop data analysis reports for examining player activity, trends and lifecycle; daily, monthly and annual activity; geographic analysis and competitive reporting.

“We chose Marketing Results for its AIM system platform, after testing and using the tools for over nine months and realizing improving revenue,” said Stuart Richey, vice president of marketing for Primm Valley. “AIM has superior tools that enable us to easily select the best group of customers, assign their offers and monitor profitability. The implementation of the AIM technology at our three properties will ensure the highest levels of marketing efficiency.”

“The customer-relationship management tools in AIM provide hosts with actionable information about players,” added Gary Border, president of Marketing Results. “Hosts can see vital details including customer play preferences, contact information and available offers, which provides a structure for enhancing performance analysis within the host department. Hosts manage their players using the goals management sets for them, then management has the oversight to see how individuals and the department are meeting their goals. The result is a continuous enhancement of successful marketing tactics and revenue growth for the casino.”