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Present the Message

PRODUCT: iVIEW Display Manager (DM)MANUFACTURER: Bally Technologies

Present the Message

Bally?s new iVIEW Display Manager gives casino managers new ways to provide visual content to guests. It is a specialized information router that lets you present messages on the main game screen, the top display, even the overhead display with picture-in-picture capability.

Nearby guests can see the messages, broadening the exposure to other players besides the one at the device. The iVIEW DM acts as an intelligent controller that determines what display is being used, controlling any monitor associated with the gaming device. It is offered as part of Bally?s ?Networked Floor of the Future? package, which allows casino managers to configure games and move content or data to or from any digital gaming device.

The product can help move casinos toward the ultimate goal of the multi-media network. It can drive marketing or other messages and provide players with a variety of compelling interactivity.

New features are now able to drive the second screen on a gaming machine. This allows the casino to replace machines on a normal replacement cycle, and yet offer players the marketing and bonusing benefits of the smaller iVIEW display.

This gives operators the ability to support second-screen monitor cabinets and high-earning reel-spinning products without a second screen. This interactive technology enables players to choose where they want to see their player content without interrupting their base game.

Up until now, system-based content has been confined to either a two-line display or the 6-inch-by-2-inch player display. In conjunction with technologies enabled through Bally?s Download Configuration Manager, operators can choose where on the game to display things like player name, session points, jackpots, promotional credits, casino and hotel specials and promotions, and any other content.

The new system content display options can include the traditional iVIEW display, the main game display, the second game display, or any game display associated with the device.
Bally?s new iVIEW DM technology allows gaming operators to present systems content on the displays of all manufacturers? gaming machines through the iVIEW Processor, rather than the game processor, which would require separate regulatory approvals and complex development and integration efforts.

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