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Prepared and Secure

PRODUCT: Consulting and Planning Services, COMPANY: Interbrief.Org

Prepared and Secure

Interbrief.Org  assists gaming owners and operators by delivering a set of services that include security consulting, vulnerability assessments, labor action contingency planning, emergency procedure development, ethics testing, customer service standard testing and expert witness assistance.

One of the most valuable services for anyone in the gaming industry is an asset protection audit. Human, financial, fixed-property and informational assets are at risk from a constant and increasing threat picture. Interbrief is equipped with the ability to evaluate and recommend target-hardening elements that properly protect critical assets.

In addition to evaluating critical assets, Interbrief digs deeper to identify other potential liabilities through ethics testing. Ethics testing involves undercover operatives posing as guests to specifically and randomly target owner and guest assets including nightclub door cover charges, liquor revenue, marketing gift promotion and parking receipts, among others.

Ripple effects of a shrinking economy have resulted in management/supervisory/administrative downsizings and reduced hours and tips for team members. The results of these scenarios in some cases show up in decreased operating profit, which is incorrectly attributed to economic drivers as opposed to ethical breeches. Today, more than ever, operators can benefit from proactive shopping services like those offered by Interbrief.Org.

Undercover Ethics Testing enables the organization to endure potentially expensive and embarrassing guest recovery measures. Similarly, Customer Service Standard Testing services are designed to measure the compliance of team members.

Every year, the cost of customer retention and service recovery measures rise, which justifies the recurring utilization of professionally trained and expert undercover operatives. Market share changes can also be attributed to guest service breakdown. Only a percentage of disillusioned guests actually voice their displeasure to operators; many will simply choose to take their business elsewhere.

In addition, Interbrief provides Enterprise Risk Management design and training services, specifically geared for gaming operations. Education, commitment and understanding of risk across the entire organization emphasizes prevention and mitigation for each and every team member. Interbrief performs presentations and education of ERM for new or established programs.

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