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Predicting Player Worth

PRODUCT: Apollo Predictive Modeling PlatformMANUFACTURER: International Game Technology

Predicting Player Worth

Server-based gaming that delivers on the Holy Grail of targeted and better player experiences is closer to realization with the new predictive analytics (a.k.a. data mining) from Mariposa, a division of International Game Technology. The product line will use Apollo Data Technologies? Predictive Modeling Platform.

This provides what has been, up until now, a missing piece of the puzzle: how to take player data and crunch it fast enough to predict ?player worth,? and whether that player worth will increase or decrease over time; then to use that data to create better and more targeted offers?for example, how to offer players in real time the right game, combined with special offers matched to their preferences across different properties.

Predictive analytics systems will not only automate many of the time-consuming jobs associated with delivering complex predictive models, including data preparation and evaluation of hundreds or thousands of model configurations, but will do it faster than existing statistical software packages.

Predictive Analytics provides casino operators with a more automated and accurate way of understanding the player and setting floor mix. The predictive technology will allow an operator to provide real-time game recommendations, denominations and offers to each player.

Additionally, the technology helps the operator provide the proper mix of games that appeal to the clientele. Current practice is to look at one metric and change a game based on a limited set of data. Using predictive analytics, operators can change out games before they reach the end of their life cycle?resulting in a better mix of games that are proven to be customer preferences, thus maximizing profits.

?Using Apollo?s Predictive Modeling platform, we?d be able to have the ability to quickly evaluate hundreds of models to identify the best-performing predictive model to provide our customers,? says Javier Saenz, vice president of strategy for IGT. ?For our clients, it would mean highly actionable customer intelligence?for example more relevant and focused targeted communications and promotions, based on extracting customer behavior from the predictive models that previously were difficult to automate. This would be a huge ROI advantage for our clients.?

According to Saenz, IGT is planning to use the Apollo Predictive Modeling platform to create a predictive ?layer? previously unavailable to gaming marketers.

By tailoring customer experiences through predictive analytics, operators can differentiate their properties and amenities through offers targeted directly to their players. But in addition, the technology helps the operator provide the proper mix of games that appeal to the clientele.

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