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Poker, Streamlined

PRODUCT: RFID Poker Table, Manufacturer: Gaming Partners International Corp.

Poker, Streamlined

GPI’s RFID Poker Table is an innovative way for casinos to optimize their live-stakes poker performance and improve game speed through the use of RFID technology.

The system combines a chip tray, an attractive touch-screen display and an RFID reader installed underneath the table that can read and validate up to 25 chips per second (or 400 chips per second in high frequency). The fast pot-scanning can increase game speed by up to 30 percent, and reduces down time so casinos can generate increased revenue by allowing more rounds per hour at their poker tables. 

The RFID Poker system also minimizes dealer errors by instantly calculating rakes and roundups, while identifying counterfeit chips. And, since the dealer no longer has to manually count the chips, more time can be allocated to other tasks such as supervision of the players and attention to giving payouts.

The system can also enhance poker table management processes by providing reports and statistics with the information necessary to maximize a casino’s efficiency. This information can be used to identify the most profitable hours of play, and the data can also be sent in the form of daily reports to external gaming authorities, if required.

Player appeal is further enhanced with the all-new optional progressive jackpot module that gives players the ability to win all or part of an incrementing jackpot, which can be linked to operate on multiple tables.

For more information on the RFID Poker Table, contact a local GPI sales representative or visit

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