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Poker Plus Value

PRODUCT: MENSA Poker Progressive • MANUFACTURER: Play Synergy

Poker Plus Value

Play Synergy has released a product that gives a poker room a competitive advantage that will also grow casino profits.

Play Synergy’s newly released MENSA Poker Progressive System enables poker rooms to add progressives to poker to create unique, never-before-seen, value-added player experiences.

The MENSA Poker Progressive System is comprised of MENSA software platform and digital player stations fully integrated with an innovative industry-leading poker table top.

Play Synergy has created a robust poker platform which allows each player to electronically deposit funds into their digital player station, which is fully integrated into the Play Synergy MENSA table top. These credits can be used to fund a wager for a multi-table or casino-wide poker progressive jackpot or other future value-added player events and activities.

MENSA is designed to allow casino operators to experiment with different progressive math models to find the “secret sauce” that works best for their casino. Alternatively, there may be marketing interest in promoting certain specific progressive configurations during special times of the year (e.g., a “March Madness” progressive specifically tailored to the NCAA basketball tournament).

The MENSA poker tabletop racetrack touch-screen design has an integrated LED lighting system that can be operator-selectable to identify various table statuses. Different use cases include the casino wanting to identify open tables with one color, closed tables with a different color, or by assigning specific colors to table limit ranges, highlighting areas or zones during a poker tournament, or even notifying host services of a player requesting service. There is a palette of color choices, and the casino can use them as they see fit.

Play Synergy’s poker solution can help grow casino profits by creating a unique value proposition that players love—life-changing progressive prizes that also have the flexibility to be modified to create variety, adding even more value for players.

For more information, visit, or call 800-886-8190.

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