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Playtech to Expand Live Gaming in U.S.; Launches Jumanji Game

Playtech to Expand Live Gaming in U.S.; Launches Jumanji Game

Playtech announced it is extending its live game show format to the U.S., and that it will open a new dedicated studio for the product in New Jersey. Meanwhile, the supplier will debut its “Adventures Beyond Wonderland” game show, launched in 2021, in the U.S.

In the live game show, studio dealers dress as characters from the Alice in Wonderland books and present the main game and bonus games, which mix augmented reality with real-time elements, allowing interaction with both the game and hosts.

Also at Playtech, the company has announced the launch of Jumanji: The Bonus Level, a new game that brings together the iconic Hollywood movie Jumanji and the live gaming experience.

Following an extensive three-year development process, Jumanji: The Bonus Level aims to redefine live gaming as the first-ever live game inspired by a Hollywood blockbuster, marking a key milestone in the gaming industry.

Drawing on the film’s narrative, the game play will see players embark on a journey through the heart of the jungle, encountering challenges and surprises along the way, such as facing stampedes of wild animals or unlocking the secrets of the enchanted board game.

This game is housed in one of the largest and most complex studios ever built, designed to immerse players in the mythical world of Jumanji. The studio’s attention to detail ensures that the game replicates the authenticity of the original movie, hoping to deliver a 24/7 theme park-like experience.

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