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Playing the Field

Product: Live Multi Game terminal, Manufacturer: LT Game

Playing the Field

LT Game’s Live Multi Game (LMG) gaming machine, patented in Macau, Asia-Pacific, the United States, and PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaties) regions and installed in all of the major casinos in Macau plus the Crown Melbourne, is unique in that it allows the player to wager and play multiple table games at a single terminal.

Using the LMG terminal, the player can wager on two simultaneous baccarat games, or play baccarat, sic bo and roulette at the same time. Instead of using a virtual dealer as many automated table games do, the LMG links the terminal to a video feed of a live dealer at each of the table games. While he or she deals the results in the table games, the dealer’s hands are filmed by a live feed which is viewable to all of the player terminals within the casino area. Thus, the LMG terminal preserves the essential element of table gaming while handling dealer-player human interaction, through a high-tech platform.

From the players’ perspective, LMG provides privacy, lowers the minimum wager and reduces the intimidation that they may feel when playing a table game with a large crowd. On the other hand, from the casino operators’ perspective, they benefit from a reduction in labor costs, increased average player wager, and improved game productivity, security and reliability.

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