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Player's Personal Window

Player's Personal Window

Player’s Personal Window
PRODUCT: AV Logica suite
MANUFACTURER: Paltronics, Inc.

Paltronics Inc., which manufactures centralized casino gaming system solutions and display technology, is getting a lot of attention for its AV Logica, or AVL suite, which is one of the new components of its One Link Slot system.
The product received an honorable mention in GGB’s annual Gaming & Technology Awards.
AVL is a player’s personal service and entertainment window that can be used on existing hardware. It provides bonusing games (through its Random Rewards program, which is the other new component of the One Link Slot system); streaming media and live broadcast content; access to loyalty programs, amenities and property information; and marketing messages-all directly from the player station. Players can order drinks, make restaurant reservations, and get advertising targeted to their preferences.
This gives the player a direct link with his loyalty program at both slot machines and live table games anywhere in the casino. Players can take their bonus games and programs from the slot machine to table and pit areas, restaurants and fitness rooms-all presented by AVL at the player’s station, which talks directly to the player. Loyalty programs can be customized to draw players to those marketing programs that interest them most.
Because AVL allows messaging across many platforms, it provides a
powerful marketing tool to the casino, which can send a branding message across all areas of the property.  AVL also connects to table games, allowing players to bet credits  from their player credit meter on their AVL entertainment window just as they would on a slot machine. This can accommodate players who are comfortable with slot betting but a little intimidated by table games.
AVL allows the casino to tailor marketing programs, bonusing systems, customized promos and even direct marketing messaging down to the individual patron.
For more information visit the company’s website at or call 1-877-GO-1-LINK.

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