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Player Development Engage(PD Engage)

VizExplorer • Booth 2830

Player Development Engage(PD Engage)

VizExplorer’s newest product PD Engage is a state-of-the art AI-driven platform that brings precision and automation to the art of predicting customer behavior.

Using advanced algorithms and machine learning from the property’s own customer data, PD Engage identifies player patterns and delivers to users the key indicators of customer health: Lifetime Value, Future Trips and Churn Risk, in easily digestible single numbers.

With PD Engage, opeeators can say goodbye to generic marketing campaigns and welcome to personalized experiences tailored to each customer’s preferences, spending habits and engagement levels. Operators can create micro-targeted incentives and accelerate total customer value like never before.

PD Engage can also pull data from multiple sources besides the CMS, including retail, F&B and hotel systems, to create a comprehensive view of each customer—their spend, their loyalty, and profitability.

Cloud or on premises, PD Engage is scalable and economical for casinos of all sizes and can be customized to meet the specific needs of each casino, whether they are more focused on driving revenue, increasing player loyalty, or improving operational efficiency.

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