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Product: QX-50 Gaming Platform, Manufacturer: Quixant USA

Platform Futures

The QX-50 is a complete PC-based gaming platform designed exclusively to drive pay-to-play gaming and slot machines.

The QX-50 builds on the success of the firm’s current flagship, the QX-40, and harnesses the power of AMD’s Embedded R-Series “Bald Eagle” APU, which has been optimized for high performance with low heat generation.

The QX-50 is available in Dual Core or Quad Core processor configurations clocked at up to 2.7GHz (3.6 GHz with boost) and supports up to 16GB of high-performance DDR3-2133 main memory. The QX-50 is available with optional on-board AMD Radeon E8860 discrete GPU providing 2GB GDDR5 dedicated frame buffer memory.

The QX-50 supports up to 10 screens, and is Ultra HD 4K compatible, using the high-performance graphics capabilities of the AMD Radeon HD 9000 Series Graphics (integrated into the AMD Embedded R-Series APU), providing discrete, level graphics performance, and enables developers to present far more detailed game visuals. Embracing the latest DisplayPort 1.2 standard, the QX-50 is capable of daisy-chaining multiple monitors from a single DisplayPort cable, which has the benefit of simplifying cabinet wiring looms.

The QX-50 is the first gaming platform available to offer features included on the Playstation 4 and Xbox platform, such as Graphics Core Next (GCN), HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture), hUMA (Heterogeneous Uniform Memory Architecture), AMD Mantle API and AMD TrueAudio.

The QX-50 also integrates dedicated PCI Express gaming features, including all the necessary features such as dual-bank NVRAM, digital I/O, security, audio amplifier, multiple layers of security and intrusion detection. These features are made easily accessible to game software developers through Quixant’s extensive range of documentation, device drivers, libraries and gaming protocols, and it has also been designed to take full advantage of the latest 64-bit operating systems. Quixant also provides comprehensive support for secure boot chain and customized BIOS.

The QX-50 gaming controller has been designed to be compliant with regulations in all major jurisdictions worldwide (including Nevada), minimizing the time required for customers to obtain regulatory approvals.

Quixant offers a guaranteed 10-year supply from launch.

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