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Product: PlayItVision Integrated SystemManufacturer: Tipping Point Gaming and Table Trac, Inc.


Table Trac, Inc. is positioned to launch Tipping Point Gaming’s PlayItVision system, which delivers interactive marketing, media, bonus games and game-in-game wagering applications at the point of play—resulting in enhanced player loyalty, increased revenues and new revenue opportunities on any game manufacturer without interrupting game play.

The Table Trac PlayItVision casino management system interface allows operators to use the primary game screen on the video slot machine to create unique marketing and service window/picture-in-picture style functionality that provides players with the opportunity to manage certain aspects of their player account directly at the machine level (versus having to use a promotional kiosk or traditional players club station).

More so, operators now have the ability to deliver timely interactive marketing messages directly to players at the machine with targeted promotions (e.g., promote tickets to special events or shows, dispense vouchers for food offerings). Taken together, the operational efficiencies and player loyalty features of this product provide operators with multiple revenue opportunities.

This new interface is compatible with most casino management systems, and easily connects using a powerful graphics hardware accelerator installed into each gaming machine. The open architecture enables operators and third-party developers to design innovative applications and manage content.

Further, PlayItVison’s innovative game-in-game feature enables players to opt-in to play two completely separate games simultaneously, thus increasing the excitement by increasing the player’s action. These games can be designed as promotional, bonus games for extended play or revenue-generating games.

Tipping Point’s Mega Wealth series of games, such as Mega Mega, a keno-style game with life-changing jackpots, provides casinos with an attractive set of games which drive incremental revenues by offering players a chance to wager on these side games through their favorite base games, throughout the casino floor.

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