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Perseverance, Empowerment, and Success

Miki Yeo, Assistant Casino Manager, Marina Bay Sands

Perseverance, Empowerment, and Success

In her current managerial role at Marina Bay Sands, Miki Yeo not only embraces challenges every day; she also empowers her team members to achieve success in their own ways. “I am a firm believer in the power of positive coaching. I try to make this a part of my everyday practice at work,” says Miki, who credits her mentors for her success. Her mentorship not only saw her gain valuable insights and a solid head start into the business; it is also a contributing factor towards her growth as a leader.

Yeo’s mentors also recognize her potential, and are always providing opportunities for her to go above and beyond. In 2014, Yeo organized the Venetian Macao’s first “SCL Dealer Championship” and executed the event from start to finish. She says it was most rewarding to witness the success of the event and the positive effect it had on her fellow team members.

Yeo holds a strong tie to Macau. The two years (2013-14) experience at the Venetian Macao as quality and process improvement manager has benefited Yeo from many perspectives. Not only did she pick up Cantonese as a powerful tool to effectively communicate with local staff, but she also had the chance to thoroughly analyze gaming operating processes and procedures, empowering her to think outside of the box for better solutions and practice.

As the Macau government increasingly encourages promotion of local talents, Yeo believes the local talents now have more opportunities to establish themselves in this industry in the next few years.

“Localization is an important trend, as it aligns young leaders with strong communication skills and cultural awareness,” says Yeo.

Localization is also evident in Singapore, Yeo’s hometown. As one of the largest workforces in the hospitality industry, Marina Bay Sands not only creates unique jobs to offer employees a head start in the sector, but it also continuously reinvests in their professional growth.

The company’s learning and development strategy serves to empower young professionals and emerging leaders through continued education and training, such as professional courses approved by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency, which ensures that employees’ skill sets and competencies remain responsive to the ever-evolving market dynamics and conditions.

The company is a place where team members who perform exceptionally are well-recognized through robust rewards and recognition programs, resulting in a positive working environment that motivates employees to constantly strive for excellence.

As Yeo continues to develop her professional career, she will always abide by her work ethos—perseverance, determination, and grooming the next generation of talents like herself. For young professionals in the industry, Yeo’s advice is to be agile, hard-working and dedicated. “Do not take shortcuts,” she says. “Always seek out new challenges and opportunities to learn.”