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PayCheck NextGen Printer


PayCheck NextGen Printer

Exhibiting at Booth 2036, this year’s G2E looks very promising for Nanoptix and its PayCheck series of products.

The company is highlighting new additions this year. As customers all over the world have experienced the benefits of the PayCheck NextGen printer and its avant-garde technological features, the company has expanded the offering with new products, which in turn provides even more possibilities to operations.

The TITO printer utilizes a PC-based infrastructure, allowing a lot more connectivity and development on the system side, along with different things that the casinos want to see, like couponing, network downloading and Bluetooth capability for potential player’s club mobile apps.

Leveraging the power and uniqueness of the PayCheck NextGen printer, the company created a Linux-based terminal, the PayCheck Terminal/Kiosk, for gaming, lottery and retail applications. It’s the world’s first kiosk terminal powered by a TITO printer. It incorporates a touch screen and a card reader as well as a barcode scanner, enabling it to be used as a desktop unit for cages, as a self-service kiosk for player registration, or for different types of sports betting.

The PayCheck terminal’s roll printer comes from the company’s latest offering, the HSVL NextGen. Its printing quality, speed, cuts and life are all unmatched by the competition. A highly compact design is sure to integrate easily within most spaces; its optional presenter will provide additional capability, allowing it to serve many new industry markets. Its anti-jamming capabilities, unlimited connectivity, its variable media width and diameters, Bluetooth-available option and other features ensure it is a revolutionary product option.

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