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Daniela Sulier, Director of Slots, Arcade and Retail Operations, Caesars Entertainment—Harrah’s & Harvey’s Lake Tahoe

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Daniela Sulier didn’t stray far from her central California home for higher education. She obtained a bachelor of science in marketing and an MBA in business administration and management from Sacramento State College.

After earning the MBA in 2010, Sulier experienced a different slice of life, first in Costa Rica where she ran a nightclub and a restaurant. She spent a few months in Nicaragua to learn Spanish. Then off to Lake Tahoe, where she bartended and waited tables.

Lake Tahoe is a paradise for Sulier.

“I absolutely love living in a community of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts,” she says. “We get to enjoy all four beautiful seasons in our little mountain lake town. Our family enjoys spending free time camping, enjoying the pristine lake, hiking, and mountain biking.”

She was ready for a career. The casinos were the tallest buildings in town, and to Sulier, they represented energy, excitement, entertainment and fun. “I wanted to be a part of that world.”

There was an opening at Caesars, a company she knew little about. She began her career as a slot supervisor.

“What has kept me here is the culture of Caesars Entertainment. Inspiring grownups to play is right up my alley,” Sulier says.

Learning slots as a supervisor required a whirlwind of information. Player tracking systems, machine functionality, understanding pay tables, and of course most importantly, customer service.

Currently, Sulier serves as director of slots, arcade and retail operations, Caesars Entertainment—Harrah’s & Harvey’s Lake Tahoe. The position includes slot performance, leasing, retail and yes, that kind of arcade.

”It’s a busy daily routine, switching hats throughout the day to different departments as needed,” she says. “From managing the ever-changing slot floor layout, to keeping staff motivated to stocking arcade storerooms and counters with plush stuffed animals and analyzing crane profitability.”

Since joining Caesars, electronic table games debuted. Slot machines are taller, brighter and more attractive.

“As for Caesars, we’ve been through a bankruptcy that brought its uncertainties, but the company stood by its employees, and we got through it,” Sulier says.

Of course, there was Covid-19, and a buyout of Caesars.

“In Lake Tahoe, we recently shut down again for the Caldor fire. We always seem to come out united, and stronger than ever,” Sulier says.

Living in a mountain town brings its own challenges beyond wildfires—tough weather, power outages, and basic seasonal highs and lows.

“Learn to not sweat what’s out of our control, roll with it, and support your teams through challenges alongside them. With great people you can overcome anything,” says Sulier, who doesn’t get quite enough time to enjoy all that Lake Tahoe offers with three young children to raise.

Still, Sulier considers herself very fortunate to have a pair of female leaders she respects and admires.

“I have worked for Xenia Wunderlich, vice president of casino operations and marketing,” says Sulier. “She has a wealth of knowledge in gaming, and so much experience in this industry. Also, our new senior vice president and general manager, Karie Hall, brings a passion and excitement to our property that is inspiring. Both amazing women promote a work-life balance that allows us to really enjoy our families and the beautiful town we get to live in, and energizes us at work to focus on customer service and operating at our best.”

Bill Sokolic is a veteran journalist who has covered gaming and tourism for more than 25 years as a staff writer and freelancer with various publications and wire services. He's also written stories for news, entertainment, features, and business. He co-authored Atlantic City Revisited, a pictorial history of the resort.

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