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Own Your Data, Control Your Machines

Product: CyberMax Manufacturer: Acres 4.0

Own Your Data, Control Your Machines

Acres 4.0’s CyberMax gives casinos real-time, direct access to read and write data to the slot machine, without affecting the performance of the existing player tracking system. With CyberMax, casinos collect exponentially more data than ever before and can instantly trigger real-time bonuses, jackpots and messaging delivered to the player right at the game.

CyberMax consists of two primary hardware components, appropriately named “Cyber” and “Max.” Cyber is a processing unit that connects up to eight slot machines and typically resides in the slot bank.

Max is a revolutionary thumb-sized SMIB that plugs directly into the slot machine’s SAS port and collects 100 percent of the SAS protocol in real time. (CyberMax actually gives detailed data on each game spin.) All
data is encrypted and sent to a new database completely owned and controlled by the casino operator.

The ability to collect, analyze and trigger actions based on underlying spin-level data will have wide and long-lasting implications on how casino players are treated. For instance, data collected by CyberMax shows that 41 percent of all slot machine cash-outs occur at the longest losing streak of the session. Armed with that data, operators can leverage CyberMax’s bonusing abilities to predict the moment of player dissatisfaction and intervene with a timely bonus opportunity. The opportunities to learn and profitably react to real-time player behavior are boundless.

Acres 4.0 provides a wide variety of interface controls, enabling casinos to securely share relevant data with desired application providers. For years, casinos and application developers have faced the daunting roadblock of data access. Acres 4.0 has removed that roadblock and replaced it with secure access to a data set richer than anything ever seen in the casino gaming industry.

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