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Outfitted for Success

Cintas breaks new ground in hospitality and gaming

Outfitted for Success

Uniformed employees often are grateful if their work gear is comfortable and offers a reasonable fit. Cintas has always believed in delivering more.

As the leader in workplace apparel in North America, the company is known for smart, professional styling that’s right at home on the runway—literally. The Cintas Ultra-Lounge Fashion Show, always a highlight of G2E, will showcase the latest lines created just for gaming staff, from the front desk to the casino floor to the back of the house and then some.

For lead designer Joanna Corderos, a great uniform presents a crisp, professional image that reflects a property’s brand, looks as good at the end of a shift as at the start, and is becoming to workers of many ages and sizes.

“There aren’t many size-zero models in the workplace—that’s not the average Jane and Joe, and that’s something we understand,” says Cordero. “In a sense, a uniform is like a bridesmaid’s dress—it’s one look that has to work for everyone.”

To make it happen, the Cintas design team conducts on-site research to find out just what the rank-and-file are looking for. “We talk not only to the corporate and executive levels but to people on the floor,” Corderos says. “We confer with them and see what they do day to day. We look at their environment, including the lighting and colors that surround them. We find that if the employees are happy, management is happy, too.”

Most casino staff, she says, want “a retail-inspired look, but with a little something extra—the ‘wow’ factor that gives them visibility and distinction in terms of color or texture, but doesn’t look gaudy.”

As to fabrics, she adds with a laugh, the “exfoliating polyesters of the ’60s and ’70s” are long gone, replaced by blends that have been specially engineered for durability and comfort. “It’s easy-wear, easy-care,” she says. “Throw it in the washer and the dryer, and it comes out looking polished.”

Cintas has earned high marks from many quarters of the fashion industry, winning Apparel Magazine’s Top Innovator Award in 2016, the Image Apparel Institute’s Best of the Best Award in 2017 and the IAI’s Image of the Year Award in 2018, among many others. Its apparel program for Saratoga Casino Hotel in Saratoga Springs, New York, won special plaudits with “details that surprised yet delighted” and “colors that are consistent with the casino’s branding and marketing guidelines,” according to the IAI.

“Our goal in working with Cintas was to develop an apparel program that reflects our property’s timeless beauty,” says Danelle Healey of Saratoga’s Human Resources department. “Cintas did a fantastic job creating a design that incorporates contemporary elegance and our new branding message.”

It’s all in a day’s work for the Cincinnati, Ohio-based company, which outfits more than 5 million workers for the job each day.

With 400 facilities across North America including a design studio in Henderson, Nevada, Cintas offers custom designs as well as a ready-to-wear line including long-lasting maintenance uniforms, sleekly attractive dealer ensembles and sizzling hostess confections.

“We are constantly creating new concepts and products based on what our clients ask for,” says Corderos. “We know if your employees look good, they feel good. And if they feel good, they perform well. It’s the ultimate win-win.”

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