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Out of the Box

Product: Universal Slant, G23 and G20 v2 cabinets Manufacturer: International Game Technology

Out of the Box

Leading slot manufacturer International Game Technology has released a series of slot cabinets designed for easier serviceability, all server-based-ready for ultimate flexibility.

The Universal Slant supports 22-inch MLD (Multi-Layer Display) and 23-inch LCD or mechanical display options in three-reel, four-reel and five-reel configurations. In addition, the Universal Slant features streamlined ergonomics, enhanced MLD technology, premium sound and more personal space. All of this combines to create an immersive player experience.

The G23 wide-screen machine is IGT’s premium upright model. The G23 enhances the overall game play experience with a wide screen, premium sound and more personal space, putting it among the top video slot platforms on the market. It features either a 23-inch full high-definition quality LCD or a 22-inch MLD for superior display performance. Built for the core product line, the game play expands past the interface for added entertainment value.

There is increased personal space for a more enjoyable gaming experience, and a brighter, faster display with a custom sound solution. The G23 also showcases a brighter, faster display with a custom sound solution, custom attract, and crown lighting for a vibrant entertainment experience. Crown lighting will be available in the fall/winter.

The G20 Version 2 machine is designed to set standards in comfort and entertaining game play. The model features a 20-inch 16:9 high-definition standard display or MLD display using LED backlighting, which is a greener solution. According to the company, based on customer feedback, this cabinet has sleeker, faster and brighter enhancements.       

All three of these cabinets support the multi-game library, allowing the player to choose among multiple themes. In addition to these cabinets, IGT offers a full line of models based on operator specifications.

For more information, call 775-448-7777 in Reno or 702-669-7777 in Las Vegas; or visit


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