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Online Outline

Tom Galanis, Director, GameOn Affiliates

Online Outline

When Tom Galanis began his professional life, he did not have his sights set on a career in gaming. Today, however, he has established himself as an iGaming thought leader, holding a director-level position at GameOn Affiliates, an affiliate marketing agency servicing online gaming clients worldwide.

A native of southeast England, Galanis graduated from the University of Leeds with a bachelor’s degree in history. After his undergraduate studies, he continued his education at Leeds, receiving a master’s degree in advertising and marketing.

After completing his master’s degree, Galanis embarked on his first foray into iGaming, two of his passions drawing him to the industry. “Being completely honest, I fell into the industry,” says Galanis. “I wanted to align my love of sport with marketing… One thing led to another and I found myself running a sports betting performance marketing program.”

While Galanis happened upon his first role in the gaming industry, the exciting and collegial atmosphere iGaming offers continues to fuel his passion for a career in gaming. Recalling the beginning of his path in gaming, Galanis says, “What I had not realized was just how magnetic the iGaming industry was at the time. It was far smaller than it is today, and provided a remarkably friendly bubble within which to foster a career.”

As the industry has grown, competition has certainly increased. However, Galanis maintains that “the friendliness still remains.”

It was 2005 when Galanis began his career in the gaming industry at Victor Chandler. Since then, he has progressed through the online marketing channels at various companies, ultimately joining GameOn as a consultant and advancing to director. In 2009, Galanis launched the affiliate division of GameOn. Throughout his career, he has provided industry-leading iGaming and affiliate marketing services to both start-ups and established companies throughout the world.

Galanis says he enjoyed having the opportunity to join the iGaming industry in its early stages and contribute to its growth with his colleagues and friends.

“It’s a real privilege to experience the growth of the online gambling industry firsthand,” he says, “but even more so with a friendly group of people coming together from all walks of life to forge an industry that has gone from ‘Wild West’ to ‘Wall Street’—in no time at all.”

Additionally, as an independent service provider to the industry, Galanis enjoys having “the opportunity to witness innovation in its nascent stages” while working with his clients.

Galanis’ advice for young leaders in the industry is to come into the industry with a role and career path in mind. “Target a business that not only caters to the initial role, but also understands the importance of the function that you, the position and the team immediately around you bring to existing and future business,” says Galanis.

For emerging leaders looking to break into iGaming, Galanis asserts that thinking globally is better. “Embrace the overseas opportunities that iGaming will bring for the foreseeable future,” he says.

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