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One-Stop Media

Product: JCMedia Manufacturer: JCM Global

One-Stop Media

Picture your casino floor alive with engaging video content that serves to attract customers, guide them through your casino and entertain them with video content or much larger-than-life ultra-hi-def action in the race and sports area.

That picture has come to life now that JCM has launched a full-service digital business that is a one-stop shop for operators who are searching for ways to better connect with their guests. The division, JCMedia, is on the cutting edge of digital media, complete with displays, back-end management and content creation.

JCM offers a broad range of digital display technology designed to inspire casino guests to stay, play, and come back for more. Display options include e-posters with remotely programmable content, interactive displays, hi-def and ultra-hi-def flat screens and flexible displays that bend and twist and curve to practically any configuration, from 22 inches to as large as the operator can conceive. The displays are highly energy-efficient, and can help casinos meet their “green” initiatives. Additionally, certain large-format displays and video walls are cool to the touch, so there is no need for separate cooling systems like older large-format projection displays, saving money, space and further fulfilling “green” programs.

Content management also is a part of JCMedia. Operators can manage every second of content on every inch of every screen of all JCMedia displays, and the management is as simple as drag-and-drop from any mobile device. Content management is powered by JCM’s award-winning DNA, so operators can quickly and easily manage all content from anywhere.

JCMedia also offers a full-service content creation studio. The studio is equipped to create content of any size, from e-poster displays to larger, more involved productions that tell the property’s story or casino offerings in dynamic attention-grabbing fashion.

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