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On-Demand Promos


On-Demand Promos

Table Trac’s collaboration with TransAct Technologies resulted in the evolution and development of SlotSUITE, a groundbreaking addition to the CasinoTrac casino management ecosystem.

SlotSUITE revolutionizes operations and enhances the customer experience by offering a single-wire, on-demand printing and communications solution. It enables operators to generate high-resolution graphic promotional coupons, pre-filled drawing entries, and even taxable W2-G events directly at the game, using existing network infrastructure.

The integration of SlotSUITE eliminates the need for additional in-game hardware and multiple networks, streamlining operations and reducing costs. Leveraging features such as the PlayerLINQ player tracking interface and the Epicentral platform, SlotSUITE enables CasinoTrac SelfPay, a self-service feature that expedites credit payouts, jackpots and taxable events in less than 60 seconds. This drastically reduces the time players spend waiting for hand-pay jackpots, enhancing satisfaction and increasing time on device.

Furthermore, SlotSUITE enhances security and privacy by preserving the anonymity of uncarded high-value players while still allowing operators to communicate with them through targeted promotions and incentives. This creates a pathway to convert anonymous players into known patrons, increasing customer engagement and loyalty.

SlotSUITE is currently available and has been successfully implemented in several casinos, with ongoing deployments planned for larger clients. Its innovative features and advantages make it a game-changer for casino operators, offering unprecedented efficiency, security and customer satisfaction.

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