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Novomatic Americas • Booth 1259


NovoVision from Novomatic Americas is a groundbreaking masterpiece of cutting-edge technologies wrapped in an intuitively user-friendly format. The company says the casino management system is “poised to redefine the very essence of modern casino operations, igniting a transformative fire within the gaming industry.”

NovoVision has garnered a resounding reputation, setting itself apart with the following unparalleled attributes:

1. Reliability and Uptime: This system boasts remarkable reliability and an impeccable uptime, ensuring uninterrupted and seamless casino operations.

2. Global Remote Management: Effortlessly manage operations across multiple global sites, transcending geographical boundaries with ease and efficiency.

3. Futuristic Biometric System: The proven biometric system eliminates the need for traditional cards, ensuring maximum security and a smooth, cashless experience for customers.

4. Effortless Transition: NovoVision offers a seamless transition from existing systems, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free upgrade.

5. Advantageous Price Structure: With a price structure that offers unparalleled advantages, NovoVision empowers operators to embrace innovation without breaking the bank.

6. Flexible Fault Alerting: Stay one step ahead with flexible fault alerting for gaming machines, enabling swift response and maintenance.

NovoVision empowers operators to unleash the full potential of customization to meet their unique needs and regulatory obligations. The modular design of NovoVision is a true game-changer, uniting a staggering global network of 40,000 gaming machines, 3,000 betting terminals, and 1,300 cash machines under its comprehensive software package.

NovoVision’s patented state-of-the-art biometric technology is the pinnacle of cashless innovation in the market. Fingerprint and face recognition serve as vigilant sentinels, ensuring unrivaled security while seamlessly identifying registered customers. Operators can delve deep into the world of player tracking, where behavioral patterns and preferences unveil unprecedented insights into gaming choices, cabinet usage, and targeted marketing strategies.

NovoVision wields a formidable tool set, revolutionizing casino processes, fortifying operational security, and elevating guest convenience to extraordinary heights.

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