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GLOBAL GAMES 2010 Part 13: Novomatic/Austrian Gaming Industries

Top of the World-Europe's leading manufacturer brings its broad range of products to gaming's leading expo

GLOBAL GAMES 2010 Part 13: Novomatic/Austrian Gaming Industries

The Novomatic Group of Companies is one of the world’s largest international, integrated gaming groups. With locations in 22 countries, Novomatic exports its high-tech gaming equipment to 62.

On the operational side, the more than 900 gaming venues of the group offer players 145,000 gaming machines. The group also includes Austria’s leading sports betting operator, Admiral Sportwetten, which has more than 200 outlets. Total revenue in 2009 was €2.36 billion, down somewhat from a record €2.55 billion in 2008. Founded by Johann Graf, the group is ranked No. 1 in Europe and employs more than 15,700 staff worldwide.

The wholly owned subsidiary Austrian Gaming Industries is, in fact, the company that handles all aspects of generating product, from inception to delivery. However, within the industry, “Novomatic” is the name generally used when referring to the company’s machines, systems and games.

The product presentation at G2E will encompass a selection of international games, cabinets and solutions. Apart from the slots and multi-player product range, Novomatic will also present jackpot and management systems from Octavian International, which it acquired earlier this year.

At the Novomatic booth, visitors will find cabinets in the series Novostar SL2 and Super-V+ Gaminator with the latest Coolfire II multi-game mixes. These multi-game mixes offer maximum flexibility with up to 27 games each, seven player-selectable denominations, multi-language options and a choice of high/low line-games with five-line to 40-line selectable.

Currently, there are more than 45 different mixes available, and with frequent new game releases the choice is constantly growing.

A further attraction in Las Vegas will be the “Ultimate 10” multi-game mixes. This growing range of multi-game mixes is based on the new Coolfire I+ gaming platform and is available in the Gaminator cabinet. The Coolfire I+ platform combines Coolfire II technology with the cost-effective price structure of the former Coolfire I platform.

Novomatic also will display a comprehensive multi-player installation comprising “Novo Multi-Roulette,” “Novo TouchBet Baccarat,” “Novo Flying Black Jack,” “Novo Flying 3-Card Poker” and “Novo Flying Caribbean Poker,” all in one system and all available on each of the linked individual player stations.

“The multi-player, multi-game functionality adds maximum comfort and convenience for the guest and maximum flexibility for the operator,” says Max Lindenberg, who heads marketing business development for Novomatic. “Running on the server-based Novo Unity II multi-player platform, it allows casinos to link any number of terminals to the various games and to make all those games available at every single player station. Thus, the guest can flexibly switch from one game to another using the station’s controls, without ever having to leave his or her favorite seat.”

New Directions
Also on display in Las Vegas will be the new, proprietary lottery game “Six Ball.” This time-sensitive, fixed-odds lottery game is designed for sports betting outlets and street slot venues in selected jurisdictions. Six Ball is an animated betting game based on random-number-generated draws, in which one by one, 35 numbers are randomly chosen out of 49.

The aim of the game is for the player to match his or her six numbers with the numbers being drawn, as in any lottery. However, in Six Ball, even though the highest prize payout goes to a player whose chosen numbers match the first six, a player will still win if all six of his or her numbers are eventually drawn.

The payout decreases the longer it takes to match all six numbers. Bets are placed on a mark-sensitive slip and paid for over the counter. A bar-coded receipt is issued showing bet type, odds, stake and draw numbers.

The Novomatic product presentation will be complemented by a selection of Octavian equipment. Novomatic acquired a number of assets from the international gaming supplier earlier this year. Products on display will include casino management systems, cash-handling and TITO systems. With the proprietary jackpot system “P-Box,” Novomatic will showcase the new jackpot theme “Fredy Fortuna,” which has been developed in close cooperation with Octavian South America.

Jens Halle, managing director of AGI, said in a written statement, “We are relieved that this year’s G2E will be the last one to take place in November, and we are pleased that future shows have been scheduled for early October. Nonetheless, we will be showing the largest product portfolio ever in Las Vegas, from slots to multi-player products and systems, which now represent a whole new business unit for AGI. I am positive that our customers will be impressed by this comprehensive offering of products and solutions.”

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