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NFL Overtime Cash

Aristocrat Gaming

NFL Overtime Cash

This is the second game in Aristocrat’s series of NFL games.

It is a high-denomination three-reel stepper game, and like the first game in the series, Super Bowl Jackpots, it launches a new cabinet. Called the Marquis, it is a premium three-reel stepper cabinet with a large bonus wheel on top.

Like other games in the series, the player starts by selecting his or her favorite NFL team from a menu including the logos of all 32 teams. Once the selection is made, all icons, reel symbols and bonuses switch to reflect the favorite team, and primary game and bonus features display footage from the team’s most recent season. (Aristocrat will update the footage every year.)

The base game is a three-reel, nine-line stepper, in $1, $2 or $5 denominations. There is a unique primary-game feature called “Interception.” When it randomly occurs, a losing spin is changed into a winning spin.

There are two main bonus features. A wheel symbol on the third reel triggers a spin of the bonus wheel. Slices on the wheel contain credit amounts up to 1,000 and three Overtime Cash slices. One of the latter on the wheel triggers the Overtime Cash bonus on a video three-reel array in the top box.

The video reels contain cash-on-reels symbols and “End Quarter.” The player spins to collect the cash awards until the “quarter” ends. The bonus continues through four quarters, plus “Overtime,” in which the reels display multipliers to be applied to the cash awards.

There are two symbol-driven progressives, a Major resetting at $5,000, and a wide-area progressive resetting at $1 million. The player must bet the maximum plus a one-credit ante to qualify for the top prize.

Manufacturer: Aristocrat Gaming
Platform: Marquis
Format: Three-reel, nine-line stepper slot
Max Bet: 30
Denomination: 1.00, 2.00, 5.00
Top Award: Progressive; $1 million reset
Hit Frequency: Approximately 20%
Theoretical Hold: 7%-9.93%

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