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Next-Gen F&B

PRODUCT: PanOptic AI-Powered Kiosk • MANUFACTURER: Agilysys

Next-Gen F&B

As the pandemic comes to an end, gaming industry demand for new guest engagement alternatives is increasing dramatically. Driven by a combination of guest expectations for frictionless self-service and the need to optimize operations, many operators are taking a holistic guest journey approach that includes self-service options for a broad variety of guest interactions.

As a 100 percent hospitality-focused solution provider, Agilysys has staked out a cutting-edge position in innovation across the property, including with the PanOptic AI-powered self-checkout kiosk.

A prime example of frictionless guest self-service is kiosk checkout for grab-and-go stores, cafeterias and other F&B outlets where packaged items are offered. Available in the fall of 2021, the new PanOptic AI-powered self-checkout kiosk allows guests to simply place multiple food items on the kiosk tray all at one time. As soon as the guest places items on the tray, our PanOptic AI service uses computer vision and AI to scan the items, recognize them, initiate a new shopping cart and automatically add the items to the cart.

The kiosk can simultaneously identify multiple items instead of having to individually scan each one, and the guest can seamlessly add/remove items to the cart without using the kiosk user interface. The kiosk is smart enough to recognize foreign items (such as wallets, car keys, phones, pens, etc.) placed on the tray along with the valid store items and can take appropriate action.

The total bill is calculated based on the respective prices of the identified objects, and the guest can easily check out items in the cart using any of the payment methods supported by the property—credit card, contactless NFC payments, gaming loyalty cards or employee/student accounts.

In today’s labor-constrained hospitality environments, the Agilysys PanOptic kiosk helps operators to drive more volume through food checkout lines while maintaining or reducing the number of checkout staff required. The result is faster guest service, increased revenue and optimized venue operations.

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