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Newest in Networking

PRODUCT: NGAGE Platform, MANUFACTURER: Blue Yonder Gaming

Newest in Networking

This summer, the Blue Yonder Gaming Corporation will launch its flagship networked gaming product, the NGAGE Platform. Blue Yonder’s networked gaming system aims to provide gaming manufacturers a seamless transition from stand-alone machines to networked gaming.

Historically, server-based (or networked) gaming has been difficult for gaming manufacturers to develop. The team at Blue Yonder Gaming has developed a new software solution to handle the technology infrastructure of networked gaming, allowing manufacturers to focus on gaming content.

The NGAGE Platform has been developed from the ground up, using modern programming methodologies to ensure cross-platform support for both Microsoft Windows and Linux. NGAGE is engineered to be fully interoperable with all other systems that use industry-standard protocols, including SAS 6.02 and G2S, and industry-standard peripherals from JCM, MEI, FutureLogic, TransAct and Cashcode.

“The NGAGE Platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing content,” said Blue Yonder Gaming CEO Peter Shoebridge. “Our platform provides a practical way for content developers and gaming manufacturers to transition to a networked-gaming environment. We offer a cost-effective, low-risk system with a dedicated team of engineers to assist with development and integration. Simply put, we built it so you don’t have to.”

Phase one of the platform, to be released this summer, features downloadable on-demand content; central administration and configuration; extendable meter support; full play history (including screenshots); support for wireless gaming and administration devices; high-performance distributed and replicated memory object caching system; open client architecture to allow easy integration with existing content; compatibility with .NET applications; Adobe Flash, Java and C++ based technologies; and support for Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL database back-ends. Scalability and performance have been engineered into the platform from the beginning.

Phase two will include a multi-player gaming infrastructure, a full accounting system and other new features.

For more information on the Blue Yonder Gaming Platform, e-mail or call 1-866-299-9107.


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