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NEWave Wins 'myCompliance' Contract in Washington

Software supplier and consultant NEWave announced that the first installation of its “myCompliance” software suite will be at an unnamed existing NEWave client casino in the state of Washington.

The myCompliance Suite is designed to protect a casino’s bottom line from fines by taking cumbersome compliance issues and obligations and streamlining them into automated processes. Specifically, the myCompliance Suite completes, files and archives all federal, state and locally mandated forms for money laundering, suspicious activity and taxes. Additionally, myCompliance products validate identification documents, verify tax identification numbers, and provide alerts for OFAC and other watch lists.

“There is no greater compliment than when a client expands their relationship with us, and we are thrilled with the trust the tribal casino has shown in NEWave and in our myCompliance Suite,” said NEWave COO Tom Bechtel. “The myCompliance Suite will enable the casino to stop worrying about filling out compliance forms and do what they do best—serve their customers.”