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NEWave Creates Web-Based Service

Software supplier and consultant NEWave has unveiled a new web-based service to support its popular Title 31 software package, as well as several other new components for its “myCompliance” and “Check Prove” software suites.

NEWave’s Title 31 software, currently used by more than 100 casinos in North America, helps streamline casino compliance operations to protect against costly fines. The new Title 31 Web Service provides a method for any vendor’s casino management system to communicate with products related to NEWave’s Title 31 via a web service. The method is system-agnostic, so any casino using any vendor’s system can connect quickly.

Additionally, NEWave has made advancements to its myCompliance Suite to provide back-of-house staff with aggregated transaction reporting by patron and further streamline paperwork and processes required by local, state and federal regulation. The new upgrades, appended free of charge to existing NEWave clients, give casinos:

• the ability to put Certegy Check Cashing information on the MTL/MIL log via third-party interface;
• a new interface with Bally’s web service;

• support for the SnapShell ID reader;

• new features for FinCEN and SAR file validation;

• Veridocs scanning function in Title 31 and Taxforms;

• an incorporated IRS updated W9 Form; and

• a new interface for Western Money’s cash-dispensing kiosk to TaxForms and Title 31.

Additionally, NEWave’s widely used Check Prove software, which helps protect casinos against check-cashing fraud, has been upgraded with several appearance modifications and other enhancements to make the program more user-friendly. The software also has been updated with a new on-site Diagnostic Utility to assist in evaluation of issues raised at the local Check Prove site.

“At NEWave, we say we and our clients create innovative solutions together, and because many of these upgrades are a direct result of client feedback, it is clear that we listen and take our clients’ comments very seriously,” said NEWave COO Tom Bechtel.