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New Talent, New Mission

AGA team will champion gaming

The AGA continues to grow and add exceptional talent to deliver against our strategic plan. We have recently hired three team members who bring expertise in membership engagement, ally development and media outreach. Along with our five hires in January, these new additions complete phase one of building AGA’s new team. Our team will serve as unapologetic champions of gaming with the mission to facilitate industry growth, to prevent harm and to connect and inform our industry.

• Chief Operating Officer Ron Rosenbaum has more than 20 years of experience in associations that excel at member services. Ron will drive member engagement and retention as well as lead and oversee the AGA’s conferences, events and programs.

• Director of Ally Development Brian Cohen previously worked for the Motion Picture Association of America and has held other various roles with federal agencies in D.C. Brian is an expert in advocacy and strategic outreach—he will identify and manage a network of gaming champions to support the industry’s goals at the federal, state and local levels.

• Director of Media Development and Relations Chris Moyer has extensive political campaign and Capitol Hill communications experience. He will support AGA communications efforts through engagement with the media and other stakeholders.

Facilitate Gaming’s Growth

Our industry has a great story to tell. We revitalize struggling communities, provide numerous economic benefits and generate crucial tax revenue that funds schools and other essential public services. In holding on-the-ground events in communities and more aggressively telling the positive story of the industry to media and policymakers, our new team members will unify the industry’s voice and passionately promote the positive impacts of gaming to help facilitate industry growth. 

Our new team will deploy robust communications to promote regulated gaming and urge lawmakers to enact policies that combat illegal operators. AGA’s new team will work with local community groups who depend upon our industry—such as educators, city managers, mayors and more—to promote the benefits they receive from regulated gaming. The more voices supporting our industry, the more effective we will be in shaping policy in a way that supports, rather than harms, our industry.

Protecting the Industry’s Interests

Recruiting federal lawmakers to serve as champions of gaming is a critical aspect for protecting the gaming industry’s interests. AGA will actively engage lawmakers to create a broader bench of support for gaming in Congress. Gaming is widespread throughout the country, and our congressional champions must reflect that footprint rather than be limited to a few clusters where gaming originated.

While federal lawmakers can considerably affect gaming, many of the everyday impacts on gaming are formed at the state and local level. With that in mind, AGA will engage to eliminate illegal gambling operators at all levels.

Few industries are more heavily regulated than gaming. Illegal gambling operators do not uphold the same regulatory safeguards for consumers—nor do they provide the same sort of economic development and tax revenues that regulated operators provide local communities. In conjunction with stakeholders, third-party allies and law enforcement, AGA will lead the charge to eliminate bad actors, which skirt the rules that maintain consumer protections and integrity for gaming.

Connect and Inform Gaming Professionals

AGA strives to serve as an invaluable resource to industry professionals. Our programs, events and initiatives provide gaming industry professionals with tools to remain high-performing and forward-looking.

Toward this end, AGA will look for opportunities to continually elevate the premier gaming industry event, G2E. Through innovative conference programming and development of new avenues to facilitate industry networking at G2E, we will deliver increased value to an already well-established, successful industry event.

Join AGA’s Efforts

Your engagement is critical to ensuring the protection of the gaming industry’s interests. Please join us as we advocate for gaming by:

• Facilitating the industry’s growth by shaping the perceptions of policymakers, opinion elites and stakeholders.

• Preventing harm to our industry, which includes recruiting congressional champions and eliminating bad actors that don’t play by the same rules as legitimate, regulated gaming.

• Connecting and informing our industry by elevating G2E to maximize value and developing valuable initiatives centered around the needs of gaming professionals.

To stay up to date with our efforts, please to contact our team at Your feedback and innovative ideas are appreciated and encouraged. Together, we will elevate the gaming industry to all-new heights.

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