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New Image for Lifescapes International

New Image for Lifescapes International

Lifescapes International Inc., the global landscape architectural design firm, has completed a months-long brand audit undertaken in 2011. The company has launched two new websites, one in English and one in Chinese, implemented a new brand initiatives program, created a new logo and elevated staff to leadership positions. 

“Last year was a time of acknowledged success, of reflection on the firm’s five-decade heritage—its projects, its people and its values—allowing us to strategically focus on where we came from and how we are positioned for current and future growth,” said Julie Brinkerhoff Jacobs, president and chief financial officer, in a statement.

“There are no longer borders that keep work in our backyard or even in our country,” said Dan Trust, general manager of the firm. “It is a time of technological wonder allowing us ‘lightning-speed access’ to communicate with our clients and consultants around the world.”

CEO and founder Don Brinkerhoff launched the firm in the 1950s.

“It was just me and a drafting table in my bedroom,” he said. “Some 55 years later, here we are, a solid company with a team of exceptional professionals speaking many different languages, easily responding to the needs of multinational projects.”