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New-Generation Video

PRODUCT: Sarix IX Series Mega-Performance camerasMANUFACTURER: Pelco

New-Generation Video

Surveillance equipment leader Pelco has launched a camera series that features both efficiency and cost savings. The company is calling the Sarix series the next generation of video surveillance technology for casinos considering HD and H.264 solutions.

The Sarix technology, engineered exclusively by Pelco, is available in the IX Series Mega-Performance camera.

The Sarix camera systems deliver top imaging science with high-definition resolution, consistent color science, and “unmatched” processing power, according to the company. Sarix features advanced low-light capabilities and built-in analytics.

The camera technology greatly enhances low-light performance by multiplying and averaging light per pixel to provide the highest sensitivity, making it perfect for monitoring table games.

Sarix technology also produces consistent, detailed color across all products for accurate subject tracking. IX Series Mega-Performance Cameras feature H.264 compression for optimized image quality and minimized bandwidth, along with MJPEG for MPEG4 compression for the flexibility to meet various system requirements.

Sarix-based IX Series camera systems were designed to be open and adaptable. Built with open-source Linux, Sarix-based IX Series Cameras allow for seamless third-party integration with the Pelco Application Programming Interface (API). IX Series cameras ship with built-in analytics and run Pelco and third-party analytic suites.

IX Series cameras are easy to install, and feature a local service jack and “Auto Back Focus,” which provides a better focus than can be achieved with the naked eye. And because ABF can auto-focus for day and night modes, IX Series camera systems achieve optimum focus 24/7.

For more information call Pelco directly at 1-800-289-9100 or 559-292-1981, or visit the company’s website at

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