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Nevada to Test GameCo Skill Games

Nevada to Test GameCo Skill Games

The skill-based shooter games produced by startup manufacturer GameCo, which made their debut in October in Atlantic City, are set for field trial in Nevada, according to state gaming regulators.

GameCo’s games provide Xbox-style game play with a controller, on cabinets that resemble arcade games dubbed the Video-Game Gambling Machine or VGM. Danger Arena, the first game launched in Atlantic City, uses 10,000 “maps” of varying difficulties to achieve payback percentages within state guidelines that are higher for more skilled players.

Blaine Graboyes, founder and CEO of GameCo and one of the holders of the pending patent on the game, told the Las Vegas Sun the game’s only random element is selection of the map by a random number generator. After that, it’s up to the skill of the player. The hedge to advantage play is that some of the maps are unbeatable.

“Even the best blackjack player sometimes gets a hand that they can’t beat,” he said. “So in this game there are more than 10,000 maps. And the only random element to the game is which map you’re playing in each game session.”