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NCR Makes Gaming Debut

NCR Corporation took the occasion of its first-ever appearance at the International Gaming Expo in London to announce its entry into the casino market. The long-established supplier of cash registers and ATMs introduced several products, which are intended for self-service use by visitors or employees and are grouped under the name SelfServ.

The NCR SelfServ ATM/TITO kiosk allows players to buy and redeem slot tickets, withdraw cash from bank accounts, arrange a cash advance and break banknotes into smaller denominations. The company has been the leading provider of ATMs for the past 22 years.

The SelfServ Cash Office is a freestanding kiosk that automates the dispensing and depositing of note and coin floats, basically allowing any employee to participate in the cash reconciliation process.

NCR Wayfinding is a mapping kiosk that enables guests to find their way around the casino floor or resort. Unlike static systems, the NCR product can be instantly updated from the central mapping application, to reflect changes in floor layout or kiosk repositioning.

NCR also offers self-service kiosks for hotel check-in and order-and-pay at F&B locations, plus other consumer-friendly interactions. The company has between 80 percent and 90 percent of the U.S. airport self check-in kiosk market.

Scott Winzeler, vice president for marketing for gaming at NCR, said, “NCR is uniquely able to provide a holistic approach to the gaming environment-from the hotel to the casino floor to the buffet-for a seamless and consistent experience. A guest might check in to a gaming resort using a self-service kiosk, locate a favorite blackjack or roulette table using an interactive wayfinding device, or purchase tickets to a live show by waving a mobile device in front of a digital poster.”