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Multiplayer Challenge


Multiplayer Challenge

At G2E 2018, GameCo LLC will be launching its latest product innovation, the Multiplayer Challenge Mode for the Video Game Gambling Machines (VGM). The revolutionary new multi-player system will allow up to 64 players (eight players at launch) to compete in video-game gambling competitions on the casino floor.

Complete with a leaderboard system for tracking results and payouts, the Multiplayer Challenge Mode brings a true esports-style experience to land-based casinos. As an expansion of GameCo’s patented VGM platform, the Multiplayer Challenge Mode expands GameCo’s game library to support both single- and multi-player gaming. Similar to classic arcades and modern console games, VGMs running the Multiplayer Challenge Mode allow players to choose single-player or multi-player gambling, ensuring every gamer enjoys their preferred experience.

Everything from action and fighting games to sports, racing and casual games will now be supported in multi-player competition formats. The platform expansion works with existing casino management systems and allows operators to configure important settings such as bet denominations, commission and other administrative features. Launching in Q1 2019, GameCo’s Multiplayer Challenge Mode delivers entirely new styles of gambling, from head-to-head battles to large-scale tournaments while running on existing GameCo VGM hardware.

The first game to support the new Multiplayer Challenge Mode will be GameCo’s “Gen 3” version of “Nothin’ but Net 2”—a fast-paced, realistic 3D basketball game. The user experience is streamlined to attract a broad audience; the first player sets the bet amount, all other players ante into the competition, then everyone battles for the highest score.

All players have the opportunity to achieve the same outcome, with each player’s skill determining their actual score and standing in the competition and cash winnings. In the case of a tie, those players go into “overtime” in a sudden-death showdown. The winner receives the pot minus the casino rake.

Future games supported by GameCo’s Multiplayer Challenge Mode will include SoulCalibur II: Casino Edition (fighting game) from Bandai Namco, Steve Aoki’s Neon Dream (infinite runner), and The Secret Temple (Match-3 game).