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Multiloteri Terminals Receive Patents

Multiloteri Terminals Receive Patents

Czech Republic-based Multiloteri s.r.o. has patented three complementary, electronic gaming terminal systems, designed to maximize available space and/or extend the playing area beyond the traditional casino floor. The systems can offer any form of gaming, including casino games, sports betting and lottery.

The Mobile Lottery Terminal, or MLT, combines tablet-style, portable gaming terminals with a central, wireless intranet delivery system. The player is free to roam throughout the venue, playing while grabbing a bite in the coffee shop, having a drink at the bar or relaxing by the hotel pool. The central system can be set up to deliver any type of game, just like an internet gaming site.

The Video Multi Lottery Terminal is a stationary device that features three separate screens mounted one above the other on a gracefully curving mast. The terminals can run different games simultaneously or multiple displays belonging to a single game.

The game server can be unique to a single VMLT unit or be a central server connected to a network of units. The system accepts third-party game software.

The third patented format from Multiloteri is a gaming terminal that can be built into a bar or tabletop. When not in use, the terminal can be made to completely disappear beneath the surface of the table or counter if desired, by means of a mechanical device.

The bar-top terminal is physically connected to the central server. The entire system can be easily portable, allowing the operator to set up a temporary gaming area for special occasions.

Each of the three terminal systems operates with a central external currency acceptor. The player inserts a banknote or other means of payment and enters the ID of the terminal on the numeric keypad. The deposit is then credited to the terminal and play can begin.

The central external currency acceptor can be mounted on a wall or supporting stand, or installed as an in-built module. It connects directly to the central control unit.

An external control unit for use by the operator’s personnel completes the system.