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Multi-Game Bar Top


Multi-Game Bar Top

Operators can revitalize the bar-top experience with the latest multi-game offering from Synergy Blue.

Synergy Blue’s multi-game cabinet is reinvigorating the bar-top market with new types of games designed to attract and engage a new type of player. The multi-game bar top is available with any of Synergy Blue’s touchscreen games, including favorites like Safari Match (now shortlisted for land-based product of the year by the Global Gaming Awards 2019), Candy Ca$h, Mahjong and more.

Synergy Blue’s bar-top design eliminates the need to modify the bar for placement, as it fits into any standard bar opening.

Casino bar patrons visit for all types of reasons. While many enjoy gambling, there are also those who visit just to hang out with friends. Often, while friends are gambling, these folks end up playing games on their phones for entertainment. Synergy Blue’s bar top is designed with these players in mind, offering exciting new and recognizable themes of play.

The new, multi-game bar-top cabinet offers styles to intrigue and entertain all types of players, including classics like video poker, as well as a library of new titles like Candy Ca$h and Mahjong. These casual, connect-three and match-style titles are designed with familiar game play and enticing graphics, reflecting the style of popular mobile games. Synergy Blue’s games add excitement and variety to the usual bar top, as well as a unique marketing element for operators.

All games are built on the HAWG platform (Hybrid Arcade Wager-based Gaming), a patented and certified solution that blends GLI-11 compliant, skill- and chance-based gambling with the uninterrupted entertainment of mobile or arcade-style play. It’s the only platform that gives operators the option to choose a skill-influenced, or pure chance-based game version compliant with gambling regulations in their jurisdiction. The flexibility to choose means that all of the games in Synergy Blue’s growing library can be played in nearly any jurisdiction where traditional slots are legal.

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