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Mount Fortune

International Game Technology

Mount Fortune

This release is one of the first video-reel games in IGT’s “OnCore Progressives” family, which places a three-level, mystery-driven communal progressive jackpot on any IGT core game. Each style of game placed in this series has its own unique merchandising package to create unique banks.

The operator is afforded the choice of base games to link to the progressive. Initial games being recommended in a four-game bank include player favorites Golden Goddess and Black Widow and new base games such as The Mighty Atlas and Vivaldi’s Seasons. Each base game features stacked wild symbols and its own game-specific free-spin bonus event.

When the random trigger kicks in for the mystery progressive bonus round, bolts of lightning strike across the screen to reveal a jackpot, which is then awarded to one of the players on the bank. Jackpot levels are configurable by the casino, but as an added attraction for play, each jackpot carries a messaged guaranteeing it will hit by a certain level. In the model pictured, the Bronze jackpot is guaranteed to hit by $25, the Silver by $150 and the Gold by $1,199—guaranteeing a win with no W2G form to fill out.

The overhead LCD screen enriches the entertainment experience for the entire bank and entices players to join in.

Manufacturer: International Game Technology
Five-reel, 40-line video slot
Max Bet:
Varies by game
Top Award:
Hit Frequency:
Approximately 50 percent
Theoretical Hold:

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