Most California Politicians Not Interested in Online Poker

There may be a simple reason why online poker hasn’t moved very much in the California legislature: Most politicians aren’t interested in the issue.

CaliforniaOnlinePoker last month released results of a survey it tried to conduct among Senate candidates in the Golden State. It contacted 35 state Senate candidates about online poker but only two responded.

The poker publication speculated as to a number of reasons for this lack of response, and wrote, “One conclusion to draw from the lack of response is that it is not something that most candidates are passionate about. This is nothing new. It occurs at all levels of government. Players in California need to make it known that this issue does matter.”

With the resignation of Senator Roderick Wright earlier this year, and the departure of term-limited Senator Lou Correa, there doesn’t appear to be anyone to pick up the iPoker banner in the Senate. There are several supporters in the Assembly, however.