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Morse Watchmans

A Casino and Gaming Compliance Solution

Morse Watchmans

The Morse Watchmans KeyWatcher Touch electronic key control system helps casino and gaming enterprises comply with state regulations by safely and efficiently securing all facility keys and important assets.

KeyWatcher users customize their systems by selecting the number and types of modules needed for keys, credit and access cards or single- and dual-door lockers for wallets, cash trays, cellphones, laptops, prescriptions, jewelry, weapons and more.

Authorized users can assign and unassign keys with ease, and determine which keys are out or overdue at a glance. And as needs change, KeyWatcher systems can be expanded and reconfigured.

Benefits of Electronic Key Control

The KeyWatcher system reduces high expenses associated with lost keys. It indicates when key removal and return transactions occur and by whom. In addition, KeyWatcher systems minimize security breaches when they are integrated with other access control systems for even greater security.

Other benefits include:

• Reduced liability—Reducing the risk of security incidents through key control

• Improved accountability—Assigning keys only to authorized individuals so keys don’t go missing or fall into the wrong hands

• Streamlined workflow—Saving time because keys are no longer misplaced or missing

Since all key-removal and key-return transactions are recorded, automatic email reports are available for any user at any time. Reports can be scheduled to automatically email, print or save in a PDF or CSV format.

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